I’m a professional writing instructor, and have taught for UMass Amherst and Southern New Hampshire University’s MFA programs, Catapult, Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop, and the University of Iowa Creative Writing program. I offer independent tutoring, manuscript editing, and consultation on all matters of writing and publishing; contact me with this form for rates and additional info.

Testimonials from current and former students and clients:

Tony is a meticulous editor, honest teacher, and has a command over the English language that rivals the best writers of our time. —former MFA mentee

Tony’s meticulousness to detail and eye for good writing was most helpful to developing my technique as an emerging writer. He offered sophisticated and effective advice that refined my style immensely. —freelance consulting client

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Tony Tulathimutte and can’t recommend him more highly as a tutor and mentor. A generous, insightful, and whip-smart teacher, Tony offered stellar technical guidance and boundless encouragement at each of our meetings. He helped me become a better writer and gave me the tools and confidence to write the book I wanted to write. There’s no question in my mind that Tony represents the vanguard of writing teachers and mentors working today. —freelance consulting client

Last year, I had the pleasure of taking a Sackett Street Workshop with Tony. Of all the workshops I’ve taken over the years, Tony’s was undoubtedly the best. His feedback was incredibly detailed and thoughtful. He gave me helpful references (in terms of similar stories I should study) and a lot of thoughts to guide me through my next draft. I could not recommend him enough. —former Sackett Street student

Tony’s line edits were the most valuable I’ve ever received in a workshop.  His sharp wit, uncompromising standards, and hyperliterate sermons on craft and the culture at large pushed me to be a better writer and thinker.  Anyone looking to create meaningful work would be lucky to get his feedback. —former Sackett Street student

Two of the best things about learning from Tony are 1) you never know what he’s going to say and 2) he’s usually right. Tony is an intense reader and generous critic. If you want a thorough critique that gets to the point you’ve found the right man. I still regularly look back at my notes from his classes. —former Sackett Street student

I also teach fiction writing workshops in Brooklyn and Manhattan through the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop and Catapult; classes to resume in late spring.