1211-bks-criticstake-blog427Why There’s No ‘Millennial Novel,’” an essay about “voice of a generation novels” and why they don’t exist, for The New York Times


HarperCollins / William Morrow & Co. (2016)
After the Dyerses 
Playboy (Oct. 2016)
Technical Support,” an excerpt from Private Citizens 
N+1 (Winter 2015)
Soft Landing
Michigan Quarterly Review (Fall 2013)
Composite Body Cimarron Review #174 (2011), Pushcart Prize Special Mention (2012)
Inheritance Threepenny Review #123 (2010)
The Man Who Wasn’t Male Wag’s Revue #6 (2010)
Brains Malahat Review #171 (2010), novella contest winner
Scenes from the Life of the Only Girl in Water Shield, Alaska Threepenny Review #107 (2006), O. Henry Award winner (misprinted in the anthology)


Why There’s No ‘Millennial Novel’ The New York Times (2016)
“Utopian Kink” The New Republic (Oct. 2016)
Clash Rules Everything Around Me Real Life (2016)
Title Fights The Paris Review (2016)
Back to the Future The New Republic (2016)
“Fantasy Bonds” Crush: Writers Reflect on Love, Longing and the Power of Their First Celebrity Crush (2016)
To the Quick Catapult (2016)
Good People Don’t Make Good Characters The Atlantic (2016)
What Kind of Name is That? The Paris Review (2016)
Proposals Toward the End of Writing The Believer (2016)
January 17, 2016 Enormous Eye (2016)
How a Wedding Party Survived Hurricane Patricia… Travel + Leisure (2015)
Pornucopia: Reporting from the 1st Annual NYC Porn Film Festival Killed piece for VICE (2015)
Misc. articles VICE
Infornography LA Review of Books (2015)
Stop blaming Iowa—MFA vs. NYC is a phony debate Salon (2014)
You Are What You Tweet The New Yorker (2013)
The Return of ‘The Curses, the Fates, the Races, the Fakes, the Faces, the Names of The Game of Death; or, The Game of Death’ The American Reader (2013)
The Curses, the Fates, the Races, the Fakes, the Faces, the Names of The Game of Death; or, The Game of Death The American Reader (2013)
Boredom’s Afterlife AGNI #78 (2013)
Free As Birds Threepenny Review #124 (2011)

Awards & Honors

Michener-Copernicus Society of America Award (2015-16)

MacDowell Fellowship (2012 and 2016)

Pushcart Prize Special Mention (2012)

Teaching-Writing Fellowship (2011-12)

Truman-Capote Fellowship (2010-11)

Malahat Review novella contest, first place (2010)

Jentel Arts Residency (2009)

O. Henry Award (2008)